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The Solo Adventurer's Toolbox $14.99 $8.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Mark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/15/2021 19:35:51

This is fantastic product and does exactly what it says it does, Allows a player to create and play through adventures solo. Initally I read through the entire pdf. having done that I was a little skeptical, because it's a lot to absorb, but then i started playing and it all came together. I play Adventure's League with a a group every other week. That's not enough dnd for me so I was wanting to fill in the gaps. So i turned to Solo playing. I purchased the board game Wraith of Ashardalon. It's okay but basically just a dungeon crawler with simplified mechanics and almost no story. Then I tried the published solo campaign Death Kight's Squire (also by P. Bimler). This was a good albiet a little too Choose your own Adventure for my taste. After that I took a chance with the Solo Adventurer's Toolbox. I kept my two characters from the Death Knight's Squire adventure and had them run through the random quest mechanics as laid out in the toolbox (Imagination is required to flesh these quest out, but that adds to the fun). Since then their adventures have been: The Search for the Goddess of the Forest, Rescue at the alter of Vulgesh, Beneath the Tomb of Zekrikt, and lastly, A bloody night in Stavendahl. Because I'm playing the same two characters and they are based in the same village, they are establishing relationships with NPC's, gaining local renown, and best yet, Leveling up! On top of all that, upcoming story seeds/quest are beginning to occur organically.
In short, I'm having as much fun playing Solo as I am on my offical/group game nights. That's something I didn't expect. Highly recommended!

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The Solo Adventurer's Toolbox
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