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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Larry W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/09/2021 02:19:16

I very much liked the premise of this module both in terms of the story and the intent (to teach first time players how to play 5e). However, as a DM, I found that it lacked detail and I had to fill in a lot and change it quite a bit to make it actually work. The maps are stock, which is fine, but they didn't match descriptions given in the text. It would be better, albeit less professional looking, if the author had just sketched out their own maps by hand on graph paper and included them. I redrew the maps myself based on the text description and what I thought would work based on the game mechanics they were intended to demonstrate. Although I appreciate the monster selection made by the author the combat encounters, if played 'well' by the DM, would still totally overwelm a first level character. I found myself adding detail to cripple those monsters and give the PC a fighting chance (rather than just play the monsters poorly). One of the of the 'puzzles' was of the sort that you either get or you don't (which would terminate the adventure in frustration). I felt compelled to rewrite that puzzle so that it included more adequate hints to guide the PC to the right answer. The module is interesting and has some nice ideas, but in its current state requires a DM that is strong on improvising or an upfront rewrite.

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