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CCC-RPSG-04 The Waystop $3.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Marcello V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/03/2021 20:13:25

Hi all. I had the opportunity to read this to prepare for a future gameday here. This is a perfect example of how someone can take an DDAL CCC Adventure Seed and spin it into a very compelling adventure! The narrative is written rather eloquently and does get a little bit wordy at times. There are some themes here that might need to be tempered down for younger players since this adventure presents as a mystery/horror adventure.

The design presents, "Shade Rules"; what appears to be a "Pillars of Play" sidebar that applies to the creatures in the adventure throughout. They present it as a Appendix, which is helpful. I was a bit confused as to who Ka'Chua was. It mentions the name several times in the adventure before actually telling you (on pg. 15) that Ka'Chua is an intellect devourer and that it is amongst the vengeful shades, plotting seperatly from the vengful shades (the other creatures prominent in the adventures). I was expecting to know about Ka'Chua way at the beginning of the adventure (in the Background, maybe?). Reading the entire adventure prior to running it reveal Ka'Chua and its motivations in the Dramatis Personae.

The transition to Part Two advises you to, "...take note of clues the characters uncovered, the Key Events completed as well as the NPCs that survived" (p. 16). Be aware that you need to do this beforehand so if you get to this point and did not record the information down, it might take a few moments of play to do so.

There are some great color maps there for those that use them. If there is a way to get B&W ones that are discernible that would be a great addition to this adventure.

There are alot of little intruigues going on in this adventure that make me appreciate the adventure. It seems to me to be better sutied for an RP heavy session. There were too many reasons for me to enjoy it in just reading it that I felt compelled to write this feedback before I even run it. Great job Jason Koh and team!

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you Marcello for your excellent feedback! It's great to know that you enjoyed the reading, and I hope your players have a lovely time playing. We'll be including a set of NPC Reference Sheets together with our regular DM Cheat Sheet in an upcoming release, and that should hopefully make it easier for DMs to identify the NPCs too.

We hear you on the B&W maps and how they may not print as well due to color profiles and contrast settings. Let us take a look into them yeah? :D
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CCC-RPSG-04 The Waystop
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