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First Adventure - Prima Avventura - Primera Aventura $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Paul K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/28/2020 20:40:06

This is a great starting adventure for Adventurers. It's not really suitable for a newbie DM who's never played DnD before (ie, doesn't own a Player's Handbook). Three of the adult classes are Monk and Hunter and Sorcerer which aren't in the free Basic Rules or Starter or Essential Kit rulebooks. I think most everything else needed can be found in the Basic Rules.

This was the very first thing i played/DMed and my players played. Fresh group all around. I was DMing for two players, had them playing two characters each, so just omitted the two that become the Hunter and Monk as adults and changed the Sorcerer to a Wizard...which I fortunately figured out before I assigned characters. Also, since after the turn, players leap to level 5, everyone has way more abilities and there's much more for the DM to know about and help new players understand. No slow ramp up. About all I own iks the Starter and Essentials sets, as yet unplayed, thought I'd run this first as there's much more adventuring and ability checks and some more light rules learning stuff rather than just straight combat to start. It's really great as for providing opportunites to try things, espically if DM gives some ideas...I know you don't usually, but sometimes people need to learn what kind of things to ask, and this has lots of opportunities to teach that. It was great learning for a DM too, i guess by being a bit broader in the player opporthnites...maybe not as smooth as i could have done LMoP's start though.

All things any DM can overcome, and one with more familiarity with DnD than I probably could do with little effort. For me, a bit more than I was expecting. Probably would have just done LMoP in retrospect, but this really is a better intro, esp for young adventurers.

Really like it, it's a great adventure, definately trim down the intro speech, it's well written but way overlong, everyone gets bored cause they want to play.

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Creator Reply:
Ciao Paul, thank you so much for the very frank review, I really appreciate it.

I did not know that not all the classes are present in the Starter/Essential kits. This is a critical issue I will keep in mind next time I will devise a new adventure aimed to DnD beginners.
Just to thank you for the review, I would like to send you a 60% special discount code for my other adventure on DMsguild: The Feather of Aka'ayah.

Please private message me on either FB or Instagram (look for so that I will gladly send you the link.

Thank you again and have a nice day,

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First Adventure - Prima Avventura - Primera Aventura
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