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D&D Solo Adventure: The Death Knight's Squire $9.99 $5.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Michael B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/28/2020 11:47:14

This was my first experience with a D&D solo adventure, and I mostly enjoyed it, though in my opinion it has a few issues. The story is compelling enough and has some genuinely cool and surprising moments, but overall I was left feeling like it should have been a bit better. In a solo RPG experience, the story has to do a lot of the heavy lifting to keep things interesting and the plot here just doesn't quite have enough going on. In terms of difficulty, I actually found this module fairly easy, but I think that's because I was playing a paladin and had a pretty high AC. Playing this adventure solo with a spellcasting class or a squishier martial class would probably make it much more difficult. The map areas just aren't all that exciting either. They're all pretty small and straightforward. The book tells you to print them out, but it honestly doesn't even feel worth the paper or ink to do so since the map tiles are so tiny and simple.

Another thing that got a bit offputting after a while is the way that the module handles checking for traps. Every time you enter a new area, the module asks if you'd like to check for traps (which you'll almost always do; even if you're playing as a character who isn't particularly perceptive or wary, it just feels idiotic to not check). But doing these checks and then reading the resulting passages just starts to get really boring and tedious after a while and it felt like way too much of my playtime was spent this way. I realize that traps are a tricky thing to do in a solo RPG experience, but this really isn't the ideal way to handle them.

I think the biggest gripe I have about this adventure is that it just doesn't feel like it's worth $10. It's pretty short (you'll definitely complete it in 1 or 2 sittings) and it's not really all that replayable in my opinion. I certainly didn't experience all of the module's content in my playthrough, but I also don't feel compelled enough to roll another character and go through it again; it just doesn't really feel worth the time or effort. There are plenty of full-fledged, fleshed out campaign modules or sourcebooks out there that you can get for less than the price of this short little module, so the $10 price really isn't justified in my opinion. I fully agree with the notion that the author should be rewarded for the work that he put into this module, but a $5-7 pricetag really feels much more fair. There just isn't $10 worth of content here.

Death Knight's Squire is a fairly fun way to spend an afternoon, but it's definitely not the mind-blowing, euphoric experience that many people here seem to think it is.

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D&D Solo Adventure: The Death Knight's Squire
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