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Tomb of Annihilation Companion $4.99 $2.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Jake H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/13/2020 11:20:33

I initially bought this companion just for the expanded Dinosaur Race rules. This was a feature that I was really excited to use, as I thought it was one of the more unique parts of the adventure, especially early on.

The additional Dinosaur Race rules were amazing and worth the purchase alone; however, this companion booklet is SO much more. The author does an amazing job mapping out days and days of jungle travel, each with their own fun experiences. There is a great balance of combat and noncombat encounters included here, expanding far, far beyond what is offered in the random encounters in the actual module. For me, I wanted to create a lot of my own jungle encounters, but I cherry picked my favorites from this companion piece to help spice things up.

My groups favorite was a literal shower of zombies encounter which was a BLAST!

My group has just arrived in Omu, and I was disappointed how little of the city is actually fleshed out in the module, but against this Companion booklet came to the rescue. There are 8 more locations fleshed out, which after tweaking for my party look like a ton of fun. Im particularly excited for a Magic Academy of Omu encounter, that involved some cool use of the Wild Magic Sorcerer trait.

Overall, I think anyone playing Tomb of Annihilation should give strong consideration to purchasing this product. There are so many great ideas and components here. If you want minimum planning this companion is perfect. Stuck on ideas to spice up jungle travel, boom companion to the rescue! Can't figure out how to make Omu pop... well you get the picture.

Amazing job i'm so happy I purchased this!

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Tomb of Annihilation Companion
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