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Monster Loot Vol. 1 – Monster Manual $7.95 $7.16
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Chris B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/27/2020 20:41:15

This series is great! I liked the somewhat similar Hamund's Harvesting Guide, but found it too slow/cumbersome to put to actual use. Monster Loot is less "crunchy"/detailed, in that it doesn't include item weight, item value/rarity, or per-monster-part DC checks (just a CR-based DC for everything). But I find that's perfect for my games. Monster Loot just flows better. The items are fun and detailed enough to give some nice flavor, without bogging the game down. For one campaign, I'm just going to skip the DC checks, put the loot right on the monsters in a ready-to-use form (no cooking/potion-making needed), and see how it goes. Possibly a little too video-gamey, but for our short 2-hour sessions, I think it'll help keep everything moving along.

These items work well in Foundry VTT, too. You can represent nearly all of the effects, saves, etc. within Foundry. Especially with the new Active Effects system added to it. Exceptions are things like "if the target is a fiend/undead" or "+1 bonus to AC if you aren't wearing any armor". But I'm sure Foundry will get there in time. Bonus, the Monster Loot PDFs are so clean you can copy-paste with only one minor hiccup where spaces after bold words seem to disappear. Far less markup noise than many other PDF books.

Monster Loot is absolutely among my favorite purchases from DMs Guild yet!

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Monster Loot Vol. 1 – Monster Manual
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