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A Night of Fright! $4.95 $4.46
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/01/2020 18:47:55

Just played this with my regular crew after a several month hiatus due to a certain pandemic. We had a BLAST! I didn't want to reveal right away what we were playing so I sent them a message with a PDF listing just the race, gender, and class/level of the available choices and let them decide what they wanted to play. Once they chose, I sent a revised PDF with the character names and the token for each revealing what type of game we were really going to be playing. They loved it! Lots of old school hijinks and general goofiness ensued.


It is a really fun adventure, with a loving parody to the entire Certain Cartoon Clue Crew and the sort of adventures they had creeping around old mansions with secret panels and creepy critters and frights. I think it was well balanced and they was a good variety of fights, frights, and puzzles, and opportunities for zaniness. The character sheets are realy good looking, the art work is fantastic, and even the goofy subclasses made to accomodate the characters have a lot of good crunch while still having that wacky flair. (Vell'mah's Spectacles DID get knocked off at least once in the adventure, so that right there was worth the price of admission.)


I would have liked the handouts to be in separate JPGs to make it easier to display online. The character sheets are in JPG format, one per page; I ended up making PDFs of all 2 or 3 sheets per character so I could more easily send them to my players. Having NPC sheets for the NPCs would be nice, just to have their names, personalities, and some bare bones descriptions. I had to jump around a bit to find everything which made for a rocky start.

Overall, definitely worth the money to get, and a super fun adventure! So much so that I went out and bought the sequel, A Night of Fright 2: The Lich's Ghost for next year's Halloween one-shot. I will definitely recommend this one to my friends!

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A Night of Fright!
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