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Death is Only the Beginning? - Level 3 Mini Adventure Pay What You Want
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Jay G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/27/2020 22:11:19

Death Is Only The Beginning is a fun take on the idea of an adventure beginning with a TPK.

The PCs 'awaken' as the victims of a somewhat inept necromancer. The characters travel through a fairly linear dungeon towards their final encounters and at the conclusion of the adventure the stage is set in classic horror movie fashion for the villain to make his own unexpected return at a future point in the campaign.

I really like the setup, execution, and presentation of Death Is Only The Beginning but for my own campaign I will be making two changes. First up, I will be removing the magic item from room 9. I get the intention behind the item but if it is not used in the way the authors intended it could become unbalancing for a campaign, having said that if I was going to run this as a pure one-shot I would leave it as-is as that wouldn't be a concern. My second change is more one of personal taste, I'm going to revise the list of undead creatures the PCs awaken as. Conceptually I struggle both with the idea of one of the PCs waking as a ghost, and I also don't like the visual of a PC skeleton, I'll probably go with fleshier undead.

In spite of those changes I'm really happy with the adventure and am really happy with the idea of slotting it into my next Ravenloft campaign.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Jay, happy to hear that you liked the mini-adventure! :-D Thanks for the review, awesome feedback and great points - thank you!!
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Death is Only the Beginning? - Level 3 Mini Adventure
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