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DDAL-ELW03 The Cannith Code $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by M.A. R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/12/2020 19:49:17

I ran this one as-written, with no modifications, and I should have changed it. This adventure has a huge deficiency - a plot hole the size of the bus. In brief:

  • The party is supposed to infiltrate a guarded location to locate a "macguffin".
  • Without giving too much away, the macguffin is directly tied to a person at the location.
  • The person does not, however, live at the location - presumably, the person leaves the location at night and goes home (the location has no living quarters suitable for all the people there).
  • The problem should be obvious: why in the world would the adventurers go to the trouble of entering a secure location to get the macguffin when they could just approach once out in the open streets?!

The fact that the adventure never accounts for this or addresses it is the adventure's greatest weakness. Either the macguffin should live at the place, be escorted under armed guard to a secure house which is harder to infiltrate, or characters should otherwise be given some other reason to enter this place and get the macguffin out. As-is, my players cased the joint, realized this flaw, and obtained the primary objective without much fuss.

The combat at the end is really well-balanced, and that provided a lot of fun for the characters - there's where the adventure got back on track. But the rest of it was kind of short-circuited due to the massive flaw in the setup. Makes me kind of wonder if this thing was ever really playtested with a cunning and inventive group of players. This one needs some serious adjustment to go well, which kind of defeats the purpose of buying a pre-made adventure.

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DDAL-ELW03 The Cannith Code
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