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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Victor N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/11/2020 14:02:44

I'm and experienced DM and my player is also experienced, but this was our first duet adventure.

I think this would be a fine introduction to D&D for those new to the game, for us it required some adjustments. My player wanted to create his own character and backstory, and I didn't want him to be tied to the setup in the first act of this adventure. I felt the forced rollplaying and training grounds were a bit silly, so we came up with a different opening to the adventure which resulted in the player starting off in the snowy mountains. I added an encounter where he witnesses sabertooth lion attacking a giant elk, and the PC intervened on behalf of the elk, who then led him to the entrance of the temple, and from there we played it pretty much as written. The adventure is very simple and pretty fun, albeit a bit linear, and I wish there was more thoughtful backstory to the temple, which feels a bit hodge-podge. At the end I had the elk return at the last second to rescue the PC and Garren from the frost giant sculpture, and then the avalanche ends the adventure as a nice cliff-hanger.

As a followup to this we played "Second Glance", which was much more enjoyable and open-ended. There were a lot of NPCs to manage, but at least the PC had a lot of choices and potential outcomes. If you're not opposed to an adventure "on rails" then give this one a try, but be prepared to fill in a lot of story gaps on your own if you continue onward.

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