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The Blackstaff's Book of 1000 Spells $14.95 $11.96
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Leif E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/28/2020 11:16:23

I can wholehartedly recomend this DM's Guild book by Scott Bean, Heath Harris and Jeremy Forbing entitled 'The Balckstaff's Book of 1000 Spells'.If you want more spells to condier fro your characters or campaign BUY THIS BOOK FIRST. Here are some numeric breakdowns:

by spell Level: BBS/PHB, 0: 65/27, 1st: 165/62, 2nd:180/59, 3rd: 162/50, 4th: 135/35, 5th: 111/42, 6th:79/32, 7th: 62/20, 8th: 51/18, 9th: 50/16

by type or School: BBS/ PHB, Abjuration: 118/45, Conjuration: 127/52, Divination: 100/31, Enchantment: 120/34, Evocation: 180/73, Illusion: 46/29 Necromancy:142/27, Transmutation: 228/63

This little snapshot provides some insight into overall differences between the PHB and this tome (BBS). Budding Necromncer's get a big boost, Poor Illusionists may still be looking for more spells, but from 29 plus the 46 hereprovides 75 total, should help. The number of Cantrips is staggering, 27 in the PHB and another 65 herein. It's too bad there isn't a way to take some Cantrips as first level spells. As you can see from the numbers 1-5th level spells get over 100 new spells each. Other reviewers have great comments about this tome. I love the inclusion of so many old spells and 'lore spells' e.g. five spells by Laeral, four of Mordenkainen's magic and 15 no less, from Otiluke's library. I too caught a couple of odd text/misspellings and formatting errors are present, none so bad as to make the spells unusable. The art is very good and they didn't go overboard for my tastes. My only Complaint is that it is not availabe in Print on Demand format. If (when) it is, I will buy it as I foresee myself consulting it at the table often.

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The Blackstaff's Book of 1000 Spells
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