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The Madhouse of Tasha's Kiss - Adventure $6.95 $4.17
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Yannis S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/28/2020 02:50:43

I purchased Tasha's Kiss about 6 months ago and was, since then, bidding my time to run it for my players. I changed the premise to fit my campaign and run the dungeon with very few changes. What I loved the most was how it enabled me to play on every character's backstory and fears, through the Mirror Room, the Chimaera and all the madness rolls. Whenever a player would fail a madness saving throw I would give a short description of a hallucination they were having, replaying bits of their backstory that they fear or are guilty about. This is a truly well written and combat-balanced adventure and I can't recommend it enough. I believe that due to the many things one needs to track the adventure would be best run by a relatively experienced DM but in any case no-one should miss this! Thanks a lot, looking forward to even more of your content!

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The Madhouse of Tasha's Kiss - Adventure
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