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Escape from Malar's Throat - maps and extra content for Tomb of Annihilation $1.99 $1.79
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Tyson P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/25/2020 09:43:54

Prepped to run this, and it looks great. There are a few minor things I would ask for. A battle map for the combat outside the temple in Malar's Throat. Will add to review after finished running in campaign. Edit in reply to author. Thank you! SUPER fast response! I had found something close but was really trying to get something zoomed in that matches closer to the actual Port Nyanzaru map, have seen a few requests for a similiar map on Reddit and ToA discord. Thought I'd ask. To be honest here, I am running a group of lvl 4s so I wanted to bump up the difficulty on the battle and the skill challenge a bit, so its more of a fight through a undead horde and duck inside before being overwelmed.

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Creator Reply:

Thanks for the feedback. When playtesting the module, I used this freely available market battle map by the fantastic artist Neutral Party for this encounter.

Because the encounter outside the temple is very brief (for parties that succeed the skill challenge it may even be just one round), I chose not to commission a map for it as it would have raised the cost to make the product and the sale price. I was thinking for most folks, the main appeal would be the dungeon below the temple.

Looking forward to hearing the rest of your review once you have a chance to run it!
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Escape from Malar's Throat - maps and extra content for Tomb of Annihilation
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