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EB-06 The Last Word $4.99 $4.49
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Malcolm W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/31/2020 22:51:57

This is a heavy role playing/problem solving/ social interaction adventure somewhat like the previous one.....action parties or murder hobos will not enjoy it

Again having them cart around the big chest like oracle of war seems silly especially to a high society party...I gave them the option of leaving it securely with the sphinx back in Sharn....we did look at its size and just for your information it is not small enough to fit in a bag of holding

The ambush on the train can be fun as the party is sleeping at night and the cabins only allow a couple of people in each. I do have a problem with the concept as after they kill somebody the assassins are stuck on the train and when the body is found I would expect an investigation awaiting the train when it stops at the capital. Think zone of truth spells. For anybodies information the train only goes 30 mph so I figured 6d6 dex save for half if you jump off. The assassins did in my run. PS you have to find your own train maps

Getting on the party ship was pretty easy . 1 noble, 2 dragon marked that asked there houses to get them an invite, 1 druid that snuck aboard as a mouse, and 1 that swam in from the water side. I do think that the water side should have been guarded more and the fact that the dock side warehouse that had had all the party stuff in it was unguarded was unrealistic.

Read the party guest section carefully and be prepared to adlib alot as there is alot of other npcs circling around besides the important ones. The royal archmage with detect thoughts is a great add in and what would be expected at a party that the king was expected to attend. Kudos to Anne Gregerson for this.

( Her power broke my run of this as once the noble had proof that an assassination was planned he took it to her and she stepped in to stop it as somebody getting killed at a party she was protecting would not reflect well on her)

My biggest problem with this adventure is the whole rational behind the story. Spy A needs to kill spy B because spy B has uncovered a plot by some renagades from spy A's country to hurt spy B's country. This is not a hastily planned assassination so has nobody wondered if spy B has told somebody else like say her superiors or left some other clues if she was to die or disappear suddenly. Too me this major plot hole downgrades the whole story

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EB-06 The Last Word
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