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Encounters in Icewind Dale $6.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Curse o. S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/23/2020 15:26:50

Encounters in Icewind Dale by Christian Zeuch (@czeuch1)

Coming off the back of the fantastic and freaking creepy The Isle of Endless Fog, Zeuch (@CZeuch1) is back at it again with another sensational supplement! Zeuch and Realm Warp Media (@RealmWarpM) are most definitely an awesome combination!

This is a seriously impressive array of encounters of all shapes and sizes with all manner of ways to approach them. The encounters are written in such a way that they slot in anywhere and provide multiple possible reactions, outcomes and results, so you can have some idea how the players will react which is incredibly helpful, both in the moment as if you decide to use this to spring random encounters on your players and self, or if you are using the thought and flavour in the behind these encounters to inspire and aid with prep because there are seeds in them there encounters!

There is certainly more than enough meat on these encounter’s bones to make your own adventure and inspire many more! This is an element that raises this encounter supplement above the hordes of its siblings, as the backstory and events truly feel like they are alive and happening anyway, regardless of the players. There’s a life and a vibrancy within these pages, so much potential and different ways for things to play out and random encounters and results within encounters that the amount of use and effect this could have on your game is exponential. The encounters are collected by geographical area and all include suggested levels, the type of encounter (and there is a much greater variety of encounters than just a list of things to bonk with your sword!), the possible reactions outcomes, along with suggested physical and XP rewards depending on the actions of the party, as well as a few possible pals and additions to the party.

Whether you are determining the fate of a beached whale, assessing how to react to pirates in the vicinity, saving a man from his ego...and huge polar bear bites, protecting mugged miners from the dangers of the Dale (this encounter even comes with its own random encounters filled with many new creatures included om this supplement!), find and fight a flind who’s already had a few fights, an awesome avalanche of epic proportions, everyone loves a fishing mini-game and lots of chance to roleplay, freeze your buns off for a shot at money and fame, help a little lost dire pupper in dire need of some dire love direly, and a shack with multiple optional occupants and encounters, from ice toads protecting their spawn, a lonely hobgoblin in need of some love, or treasures – there are so many things to add to the game with so many options and results, which will add to and fill your game with all sorts of awesomeness!

It’s even lovely to see the maniacal Aenor Gleenwith, the powerful elf wizard featured in The Great Trial (another tremendous Zeuch adventure), who is back with his tricks and a particularly amusing letter puzzle brought by a friendly wandering Frost Giant.

The maps are gorgeous and Zeuch clearly knows what he is doing and has a passion for aesthetic and playable maps, as well as adding their own great creatures and chilly variants to bring new life to the cold north.

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Author Christian Zeuch (@czeuch1)

Editor Ryan Langr (@RealmwarpM)

Cover Illustrator Piaxabay under CC0 License

Interior Art Art under CC0 license, Wizard of the Cost stock art and some Inkarnate scenes created by Christian Zeuch Arctic Elite Orc Art Art under CC BY 3.0 license, modified to suit this product. Author: Lucas Salcedo (Source). Title: World of Warcraft Orc grunt by Lucas Salcedo.

Playtesters Bruno Alves Lima, Laércio Hernane Amorim Gonçalves, Marcos Sillas, Vitor Mühlstedt Lopes Special Thanks GMBinder for the amazing layout tool Rodrigo Kuerten (@R_Kuerten) for his ideas and inspiration on this product

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Encounters in Icewind Dale
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