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Domain of the Nameless God (5e, horror) $10.00
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Jesse M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/29/2020 10:30:15

A must for horror RPG fans! First off, the flow is intriguing, a different take on the standard monsters get harder / PC's get stronger adventure line. The gradual grind of a characters sanity, the lack of rest and repeated light attacks give a true sense of forboding and horror. Not to mention excellent descriptions by the author, albeit some often not for the faint of heart! As a DM I particularily enjoyed the Sanity and Stress rules, and can see them easily carrying over to other games I run, as I tend towards the macabre. The artwork in the book is fantastic, the descriptions vivid, and the game is well laid out but with enough wiggle room to make it your own. Easily the best horror adventure I've bought, and for a price far under it's value. You'll want that perfect group of horror loving players for this one, as the listing entails it's not for the squeamish or the very young. Turn the lights low, stay up late. And ask yourself "Da haf wyyc Mah?"

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Domain of the Nameless God (5e, horror)
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