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Domain of the Nameless God (5e, horror) $10.00
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Sadie G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/28/2020 19:25:31

To be clear, i am both a fan of the podcast and a patreon supporter who recieved this early.

Domain of the Nameless God is by far the gold standard of what all homebrew adventures should strive to be. Not including the orignal art which really puts this above and beyond the new monsters and the sanity mechanic really made this fresh for us to play as a one shot. My players adored sanity more than me probably and I was the one who got to torture them all with it, it acts as such a good springboard for in the moment rp and charater driven moments having by having mechanic to react upon playing new characters for a one shot. They practically raced to drop their own sanity just to explore the fun effects it would have on the party dynamic moving foward too lol. While i ran this as a one shot completely seperated from any offical 5e location its a very inoffensive setting and you would be able to squeeze it into the sword coast or any existing local for a pleasant distraction. Combat encounters are pretty tough and laid out unforgivingly via unique mechanics on harder enemies buteasy enough to scale for groups and the the level of the party via number of enemies. The titular silent one is a lot of fun to play as the dm with finding new evil ways to exhuast and seperate party memebers. And a couple of the prewritten 'fell asleep on watch' encounters made my players have to step back to hold their stomachs or take a breather which i think is a real good sign of horror writing especially for something tasking place in the theatre of the mind. Overall cannot reccomend this enough I'm looking foward to being able to run it again in the future.

"everything felt hopeless but not in a depressing way, just a very narratively tense way" "the sanity was a good fucking mechanic"

  • My poor friends on the adventure

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Domain of the Nameless God (5e, horror)
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