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An Elf and an Orc Had a Little Baby: Parentage and Upbringing in D&D $17.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
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An Elf and an Orc Have a Baby

“An Elf and an Orc Had a Little Baby addresses the bioessentialism by emphasizing upbringing alongside heritage and largely decoupling skill bonuses from parentage.”

“in this supplement, instead of choosing one monolithic “race,” you have three decisions to make: two birth parents and an upbringing.”

“You are a sentient individual with agency to make your own choices. Your alignment is not confined by your parentage, upbringing, background, or class”

Reading the introduction truly raised a wave of goosebumps and hairs all over me in an undeniable physical and emotional reaction to the beauty of the words and their true understanding of the complexity of what makes us who we are. My biological father has never been a part of my life, I am forever warped and moulded by the family who raised and, in many ways, rejected me, and my friends, chosen family and myself have all added to the mix of who I am today; a character!

Working from a sensible base of the prospective adventurer’s all existing equally in the aether before creation, this supplement works through a phenomenal 35 potential Parentages, covering all possibilities of D&D from Aarocka to Yuan-Ti, with background to each potential birth parent and the traits (or traits as some have various sets of traits to choose from) they add to the character’s genealogical background, with a number of wonderful example characters along the way, and a whopping 82 potential Upbringings, which cover all many of settings, situations, temperaments, careers, creatures, religions, etc., and the features and traits they convey.

Also included are 12 Dragonmarks from Eberron with the features and Spells these marks confer.

If all of the above were not enough to create the apotheosis of the character you have in mind, a full breakdown of features and traits with assigned scores by Parentage with the variance of totals the Parentages as presented in the main body of this supplement. The same is provided and broken down for each Upbringing. Together this allows for total control of all aspects of Parentage and Upbringing for ultimate customisation within balanced parameters, allowing for the most specific, nuanced and perfect mix for you and your characters.

Whether you use the super simple and simply brilliant base system as presented or the optionally exquisitely specific one, this supplement is truly an informed, aware and inspired step forward in continuing discussion about who, how and what makes up a D&D character, and how to create them just how we envision them.

Unbelievably gorgeous cover! On the cover, Atornii depicts a loving couple holding a future adventurer in their arms

Creators: V.J. Harris, Adam Hancock Editor: Ashton Duncan Cover Artist: Atornii Artists: Adela Quiles, Vagelio Kaliva, Roselysium, William Armstrong, Albert Bierstadt, Boxiness, John Wilson Carmichael, Leonardo Coccorante, Robert Scott Duncanson, Adrianus Eversen, James Kinnear, Thomas Moran, Grigoriy Myasoyedov, Raphael, Joseph Wright, DMs Guild Creator Resource Art

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An Elf and an Orc Had a Little Baby: Parentage and Upbringing in D&D
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