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DDAL-ELW00 What's Past is Prologue $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by MATT R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/19/2020 08:13:47

Ran this for my players last night, and this is a great introductory adventure. It's not too long and can be done in less than four hours - ideal when it's the first time using virtual tabletops for one or more of the group, as there is some necessary setup time. It plays well to all three of the pillars and there opportunities for everyone's styles to shine.

The first two segments of the adventure are well-done - a little bit of a railroad, but that's OK for an intro session. There is a lot of opportunity for things to go off-script in the third segment, and it definitely did for my group, once a bit more agency is given. The given or assumed "path" relies on the players being greedy and choosing a particular course of action - one that my players weren't keen on as their first option. This section could have used a few more hooks to explain things or give them an incentive to pick the "greed" option - another NPC, a mystery hook from one of the previous segments, something.

Failing that, a few notes on different ways the story could end, and some guidance on how to make that happen, would go a long way towards helping GMs navigate the third act. The end of this session is the end of the story of these characters, so there's no reason not to have several different options and endings - there's no follow-up required.

But - overall...a strong start, and I would recommend running it - especially if it's a new group and you're just getting your groove on.

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DDAL-ELW00 What's Past is Prologue
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