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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Curse o. S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/11/2020 17:36:23

Adaptable NPCs of the Guild from Grim Press (@TheGrim Press)

Tomasz Chistowski's art has been brought to life by over 20 amazing authors from the DMs Guild, providing unique non-player characters to populate the world of Faerun!

Contained within this book are 60 unique non-player characters that and serve any number of roles in your player's adventures. Much like the others in its namesake, the ultimate goal of this supplement is to present a repertoire of quest givers and companions that can accompany players on their adventures; being diverse enough to add immersion without introducing unwanted complexity.

Additionally, an engaging Pathway to Adventure called Hero's Quest has been included, written by the talented J.A. Valeur. This quest, designed for four to six characters of 2nd level, uses many of the Adaptable NPCs in this book and can be played upon detailed maps (both DM & Player versions) created specifically for this adventure! Also, the Hero's Quest is full scalable for higher level play and includes custom question hooks to drop this adventure into popular WotC campaigns such as Lost Mine of Phandelver, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Storm King's Thunder, and Baldur's Gate: Decent into Avernus.

Since my discovery of this series with the release of Adaptable NPCs II I have been completely spellbound and this latest entry has somehow defied logic and physics by improving on perfection! I have said before that each of the NPCs contained within any of these books could inspire a side trek, adventure or an entire campaign, and while this holds true, the sheer beauty and detail in this latest instalment is quite frankly absurd. Is it possible to be angry with a thing for being too wonderful?

It’s wonderful to see so many wonderful creators coming together to make the true apotheosis of NPC supplements. We have hit peak NPCs and I’m honestly terrified to think where we go from here. The only thing I can think of is if the NPCs actually come along to the sessions and interact with the players, they already leap off the page... Grim Press must be stopped!!!

Tomasz Chistowski's and Bob Greyvenstein art is insultingly gorgeous and tremendously inspiring with such style and character. Honestly, this could just be an art book and be worth more than the price of admission! But the NPCs themselves are what you come for and they turn up with absolute hordes of flavour and utility.

I love the addition of the options and variants that can tailor the NPCs to your exact needs (which I’m pretty sure mean they are lying about the 60 they demurely claim!). You have an Armsmaster with a neat little system laid out for training in the various fighting styles with time and cost, an Aspiring Mercenary with six heritage options which bring their own innate spellcasting, and a Bulwark Tinker with a plethora of available services, from a system for short term arms, armour, siege-engine tune up and more, with bulk pricing available if you were worried about that!

All manner of settings, flavours and difficulties are catered for, from the sweet baby Dauntless Adventurer and their two older siblings, through the chonky Half-Dragon Revenant and sneaky SHadow Mage, all the way up to the terrifying and so desperately sad Haunted and the hench, undead good-time pal, the Baelnorn Lich!

There are goodies, baddies and everything in between! Need a cranky Bee Keeper with swarms of spies and the ability to summon swarms of wasps? They’ve got you covered. What about a little goblin Teeth Collector? Sure! A Warlock bounty hunter in seven delicious flavours? The Witchtaker is ready!

There’s also a blooming awesome adventure available to cater for levels 2-7 with many options to make it right for your game. This is a chance to get your fill of the classic dungeon tomb raiding in style, but with the framing moving away from the questionable and best looting of other cultures to claiming the magical arms kept in the eponymous Hero’s Tomb for when the need should occur! Adventurers face classic trials and tribulations, puzzles, traps, combats and more crafted with care, with the various levelling options, tips, a chance to see some of the fine figures from this supplement’s pages in action, as well as ways to integrate the adventure into a whole bunch of official campaigns. Plus, four fancy new items to play with!


Project Oversight: Grim Press

Designers: Anthony Alipio, Trevor Armstrong, R.P. Davis, Jeffrey Fischer, Aaron Gentry, E.R.F. Jordan, Darren Kenny, J.B. Little, Steve Pankotai, John Parker, Cody Rakai, Devon Rule, Rachel Savicki, Walter Srebalus, Sven Truckenbrodt, Wyatt Trull, J.A. Valeur, Lydia Van Hoy, Matthew Whitby

Editors: Trevor Armstrong, Aaron Gentry

Artists: Tomasz Chistowski, Bob Greyvenstein

Cartography: Eventyr Games, Tehox Maps

Layout: Trevor Armstrong

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Adaptable NPCs of the Guild
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