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Adaptable NPCs $14.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Njål M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/04/2020 09:32:07

Adaptable NPCs is a good product on the surface with excellently written and interesting statblocks, but it suffers from an enormous flaw, namely the fact that the stat blocks are considered to be pictures and therefore you cannot copy-paste text to make the process bearable and consumer friendly. Given the staggering price tag on this product compared to others of this type (there are options out there that cost a tenth of this book that simultaneously maintain good quality, and yet manage to present a useful product with copyable stat blocks.)

I and I presume many others buy products like this because it allows us to give our monsters great variety as well as dramatically cutting down on prep time, but the awful divide between blocks and text in this book still mean that you spend 15 bucks only to have to do the lion's share of the work yourself as you painstakingly have to manually write out the statblocks that you just paid good money for.

After buying this more than a year ago I still haven't had the opportunity to use much or any of it, it is simply too much of a hassle and the money I spent on it I consider to be largely wasted. I do not reccomend buying this book, especially not if you use Virtual Tabletops like Roll20.

Ordinarily I would award a product with these flaws one star, but since the actual NPCs are of such high quality and because of the value of the adventures I award it Two Stars instead.

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Adaptable NPCs
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