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Kraken's Gamble - a Storm King's Thunder Adventure $2.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Steve L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/29/2020 23:43:09

We haven't started SKT yet, but there's a good chance it's coming up next. I actually needed a much earlier well-rounded Yartar hook, as I homebrewed a little mystery surrounding a link to Bowgentle's spellbook in LMOP. The silk page marker from the book has turned up, and its current handler is just looking to unload it and make a buck. What better place to hold a secret auction than the Golden Goose? Their eyes lit up when they realized they had 2 reasons to be on that barge.

I also rolled Kraken's Gamble in with more DMs Guild auction content, and now my competing bidders have rich histories, motives, bidding styles. What a great addition! Thank you to all the content creators.

Kraken's Gamble contains a perfect hook for them to stumble upon as they make their way into Yartar, a wealthy family that provides a great NPC (I made Khemed a tabaxi, because it fit purrfectly), seductive intrigue, ties to a city with rich lore (find the 2nd edition stuff, Yartar is brilliant!), and a powerful boss.

We have yet to fight in the sewers, but the map is well-laid out, and completes a tasty sewer adventure in a town brimming with literal and figurative underground mischief. And every time they go back to the home base, you-know-who is STILL in the bathtub, whining that he needs more water. Great to roleplay, and my players didn't even realize he was spouting clues!


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Kraken's Gamble - a Storm King's Thunder Adventure
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