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Encounters in Theros $7.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/25/2020 10:18:50

A very nice addition to the source book!

This book is full of encounters, both large and small, with just enough information to work them into your own campaign without adding too much unnecessary detail.

It covers City, Wilderness, Mountain and Sea locations for encounters, with appendices for a Player Handout and Creature Stats, as needed. It also introduces many potential NPCs, leaving the door open for a quickly added in encounter to become much more!

The artwork is fantastic, and truly adds the right amount of evocative imagery to fire your imagination. The layout follows the 5e format, so you’ll feel right at home in the familiar format of information display.

My chief complaint about this work is that, according to the PDF, it’s been laid out in Adobe InDesign, yet there are no PDF Bookmarks, Table of Contents nor Index. Even the roll tables at the beginning of each area of encounters doesn’t contain any links to those encounters. All features of the program that are rather easy to add to a layout. That makes it rather unwieldy to quickly get to where you want.

Other than that little nit-pick this is truly a great addition to the Theros source book and one I’m sure I’ll be using throughout my campaign!

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Encounters in Theros
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