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EB-02 Voice in the Machine $4.99 $4.49
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Edward K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/18/2020 17:30:29

Ring Side Report-RPG Review of EB-02 Voice in the Machine

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Product- EB-02 Voice in the Machine System-DnD 5e Producer- DMs Guild Price- $ 4.99 here
TL; DR- Solid rescue adventure! 93%

Basics- ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH! Continuing the Oracle of War storyline (or maybe starting it), the players are asked to go on a rescue mission into the Mournlands. Will they find the missing salvage crew, survive the warforged separatists, and understand what’s up with the crazy talking box?

Mechanics or Crunch- This adventure is a bit higher level for the players. It's written for tier one, but one wrong step or even a few bad rolls can tank this quickly. The adventure forces stealth, which for a party of pure beatsticks isn’t as much fun as they hope. Overall, it's doable and not too far outside of expectations, but I think toning down the challenge as written would help with this. 4.5/5

Theme or Fluff-This is a really fun adventure setting the tone for the Oracle of War story as the players finally get into the main event. It’s actually a dungeon crawl. Which is always nice to see, but it's set in a town. So why don’t they go around? That’s the one part that kind of puts a damper on the situation. Otherwise, it’s a good intro to the meat, story, and setting of this campaign. 4.75/5

Execution- PDF? Yep! Hyperlinked? no... I really like what’s in this with two versions of the adventure for the pretty version and the simple printer version as well as the newspaper that you can hand out. I still like hyperlinks as it will help me hop around between parts of the adventure! But amazing art, font, and layout make this a dream to read. Aside from my love of hyperlinks, this is a really well done adventure. 4.8/5

Summary- I love Eberron. I love playing in the Mournlands. I also love a good dungeon crawl. This is all three. The missteps are minor and if you look at your group and see a bad mix for some parts, then as a GM a few changes will help. Also, you may have to add pieces to keep your players from skipping the adventure. “Voice in the Machine” is a solid start to the real campaign of Oracle of War. 93%

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EB-02 Voice in the Machine
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