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Mythic Encounters $14.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Curse o. S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/03/2020 07:39:06

Mythic Encounters by Bryan Holmes (@FallenWyvern), Steve Fiddler (@VorpalDicePress) and E. R. F. Jordan (@erfjordan)

“Mythic traits are the fuel that creates a mythic encounter. The mixture is: one part storyline-focused event, one part two-phase battle, and a dash of introducing a whole new way of battling your foe. When a creature with a mythic trait is reduced to 0 hit points, it is instead reduced to 1 hit point. Then, it typically either regains all its hit points or gains temporary hit points equal to its maximum number of hit points. In some cases, a new goal for the fight appears, such as an exposed heart or other objective that must be cleared before the battle is truly over. After activating its mythic trait, the creature gains access to mythic actions, and might also gain temporary passive benefits...”

36 Chambers of Mythic Foes from Acererak (and his incredibly slimming Demilich form) to one serious Terrasque Mother (and her adorable babies!), with something for every setting, mood, plane and campaign, including old favourites, deep cuts and the highest quality dragon butts. All CR 21+ foes from a variety of official published materials including the Monster Manual, Volo’s Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes and other published materials (including novels such as Darkwalker on Moonshae by Douglas Niles and the DMs Guild) to let you make your adventures of truly mythic proportions.” These Mythic monsters include so many named creatures who step out of the mould of and/ or truly exemplify their nature, as Acererak is to a common tomb or dungeon Lich, Eco is the apotheosis of a solar and Adamastor ain’t your typical Astral Dreadnought!

Liches, Dragons and Fiends, oh my! Mountains of marvellous, monstrous, momentous, miraculous, merciless, malevolent... MYTHIC MONSTERS and Encounters that showcase their mega machinations and match mighty mortals with magnificent mutations and morphed manipulations of these monolithic monikered masters!

The supplement provides a comprehensive breakdown of what makes a Mythic encounter, creature and trait, as well as getting into the mythic boons, items and spells granted to those vaunted heroes who manage to survive these ordeals. Followed by concise guidelines for creating your own mythic creatures and encounters.

A Mythic Boon is provided to really get your adventurers in the Mythic mood with Boon of the Mythic Hero, truly cementing a hero’s legend with otherworldly prowess and a true affinity with the new Mythic rewards.

The Mythic Ascendant background is a fun and flavourful beginning for those destined for greatness with prophetic ties to the titans in this supplement they may one day grow up to face.

Every creature is laid out splendidly with background, lore and personality (if the creature has more of a consciousness than the sole compulsion to destroy) with references to books and articles where DMs can learn more about these colossal creatures and their first sightings. This is followed by the monster’s lair and inspired and expanded lair actions (such as a mighty Celestial champion listing legendary feats so impressive as to quell their mortal foes), the effect these abominations on the region around their lair, the eloquent and captivating description of their transformation/ escalation to their Mythic aspect (such as Baphomet’s fractal nightmare and the spine-chilling assertion of his renewed stalking!), spectacular rewards including adjusted XP, Mythic items and spells. Some even have their own mighty minions (such as Ileuthra’s deadly books becoming CR 10 Word Archons and suggested loadouts for Orcus’ Undead Horde) with unique statblocks,

And of course, the transmogrification to their final Mythic form, including attributes, abilities and other changes (such as Brassheart’s new ability to attempt burn up all the oxygen around in the introducing a new mechanic in heat sickness!).

We finally answer to the question would you rather, fight the CR 30 Terrasque progenitor of their kind, or “hundreds, if not thousands” spawning Terrasque babies? The answer: No! Pleas gods, why?! They are both terrifying!!!

If CR 30 seems too mean, how about two CR 21 twinsies dragons, double dragons if you will, whose Mythic metamorphoses doubles themselves and their Legendary that’s technically quadruple CR 21 dragons...

Double the flavour. Double the danger. Double the reward.

This all comes together to inspire truly awesome adventures, encounters and campaigns with the narrative elements provided. There’s an imprisoned former god wrestling for control of the form of the angel that keeps him bound within for goodness sake! The stories leap from the page!

On top of the 36 creatures, this supplement contains 16 Mythic Spells that can be learned by mashing specific monsters, including fabled 9th level spells, ranging from becoming as swol as one as Baphomet’s badbois to turning dead bodies into Yeenoghu’s dastardly demon doggos or even rocking the dead to life with you vocals like a Mythical Twiztid (Jamie Madrox and the Mon-Orcus-ide Child).

If that’s not enough, how about 65 Mythic Items with Ancient Dragon Hearts in every colour of the rainbow (which come together to create 2 Mythic Artifacts: Platinum Dragon’s Crown and Tiamat’s Choker), foul Fiendish finery, armour, blades and flails, and magical reigns that allow you to ride an Illusory Dragon, among the treasure trove!

From the layout to the writing and beautiful artwork (many of which bring some fresh takes and styles to known creatures and characters), this is a true work of art and a fully functional tome of foreboding foes! This is a simply gorgeous and professionally presented supplement in every regard, it just happens to contain things that will give level 20 characters nightmares.


Designers: Steve Fiddler, Bryan Holmes Editor: E. R. F. Jordan Art Direction and Graphic Design: Steve Fidler Layout: Steve Fidler (based on the InDesign template by Nathanaël Roux) Layout Consultant: Nathanaël Roux Cover Art: Dante Ezio Cifaldi Interior Art: Lluis Abadias, Marcel Budde, GeunBrush, Nikki Dawes, Steve Fidler, Felipe Gaona, Bryan Holmes, Leonardo Lambrecht, Aleksandra Włodarczyk, Jacob Blackmon, Daniel Comerci, Bob Greyvenstein, Rick Hershey, Jack Holliday, Eric Lofgren, Lars Rune, Dean Spencer, Matt Morrow, Adobe Stock (Destina, yanushkov, warmtail, jenteva, IgorZh, James Thew, Fernando Batista, denzorr, grandfailure, weirdmedia, Pavlo, Mopic), Various Pixabay, Vecteezy.

Special Thanks: Ed Greenwood, Israel Moreira

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Mythic Encounters
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