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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Herb R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/30/2020 18:23:23

I'm running this in a non-AL setting, but playing it by the book. Players are enjoying the campaign so far. Narratively, I really enjoyed this a lot. The animated items add a very strong sense of danger and the twisted nature of the Mournland. My players were reticent to walk into a store after the first half hour!

Players definitely loved the Oracle itself and the puzzle component. I let them figure it out, and they loved it. Highlight of the session.

The only negative is a significant one. Because of the layout of the map with the grouping of enemies in one store and the allies in the other store and the path required to get to the allies, it felt like a fight was inevitable. It was. To get my players to try to sneak around to the allies was a stretch as they had no easy way to get there. They went right for combat, not knowing how many combatants were in the room. They survived, but it led to a second BIG problem. I had to REALLY push them into the room of the allies, which is required to set up the required moment of the cave-in which leads to the necessary item that is central to the campaign. I had a very tenuous moment where they stepped in to meet the Gray Dogs and then quickly wanted to leave. I had to rush the cave-in, and one of the players had already committed to not being in the store. So it split the group in a pivotal moment for the campaign. It worked but I was really frustrated by it. And it was all set up by a poorly conceived map. Railroading happens here and there, but this module requires a LOT of it without making it easy to do.

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EB-02 Voice in the Machine
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