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D&D Solo Adventure: Drums at Daggerford $9.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Dunn Y. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/23/2020 12:20:21

At this point I've played several solo adventures from various authors and publishers, and Paul Bimler consistently does the best job of developing the three main aspects of such a product...a coherent/immersive storyline, a good amount of branching and variety in the adventure (so it doesn't seem too linear), and good quality encounter design (so they're not too easy, not too hard, and thorough but straightforward for the player to use). The closer it feels to a fluid, open experience, the better (which I realize is extremely hard, particularly if you want to keep the document under a couple hundred pages!). I know it's a low bar, but there are products out there that leave out important stats and mechanics, have spelling typos and grammatical errors, only take a few minutes (quite literally) to complete, and just seem incredibly sloppy and unimaginative. For what it's worth, Mr. Bimler goes above that bar, and creates a pretty interesting, challenging, and fulfilling adventure in all of his works. You can certainly see how he's evolved from Death Knight's Squire, to Drums at Daggerford, both as a designer and writer. Nothing is perfect, of course, and Drums at Daggerford still had a few balancing issues in the encounters (the toughest encounter proved not to be the boss battle, but an earlier encounter with minions (due to how the encounter was laid out spatially, and various terrain considerations). But yes, I do recommend Drums at Daggerford (and yes, it would be more enjoyable to have progressed through the previous adventure arc I'd say at least start at Tyrant of Zhentil Keep). Which made me think of a big caveat to my opinions...I prefer campaigns, and the experience of a character developing, both narratively and mechnically. So this series is fulfilling that for me quite well (so hopefully it continues!). But that's me. For those players who just want a one-hour one-shot, there are adventures out there like that, which market themselves as being such.

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D&D Solo Adventure: Drums at Daggerford
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