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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/21/2020 08:11:54

_IF you are a player - Spoilers - For the past few days I have soloed my way through Riddle of the Raven Queen (for 5E), an eight hour adventure. It is free, for now, on Dungeon Masters Guild. It is for characters with levels five to ten. It is designed for a Dungeon Master and several players. I used Paul's The Dungeon Oracle to solo it. This fun adventure is 35 pages long and contains three maps and ten stat blocks. -So, in this adventure an elven village is being bothered by drow and their oracle has been taken. My sorcerer finds the "magical" trail that leads to her. On the way they find a drow outpost. They sneak in, kill the leader and wizard, step back out, and my sorcerer flattens the place (critical success) with a cave-in which kills seventeen drow. They get back on the trail, forage and find raw pine nuts, and then find drow outpost number two. The sorcerer kills a lookout with a fireball, the second lookout escapes (on fire), the sorcerer starts acting in an "erratic" manner, tries casting another spell, and sends the entire party to a dimension (which has nothing to do with the module). Once again the sorcerer has trashed the planned adventure. His travelling companions are not amused . . . .

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Riddle of the Raven Queen
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