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The Palace of Pain's Pleasures $2.95 $1.77
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Steve S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/16/2020 00:18:21

As a "foreverDM" of over 20 years across numerous games, this is a wonderful series of adventures. It really captures the essence and feel of both what D&D is supposed to be, and more importantly, of RAVNICA. The city, the guilds, the monsters, the intrigue. It gives you enough material to follow it line by line, but I think its an even better skeleton: set pieces and plot hooks, and allows for plenty of openings to weave in personal plots for your PCs, play the events out of order, or let your players drive the campaign in and out of the set story so it doesn't feel too on rails, even though they'll want it to be whether or not they realize it. What appears early to simply be a McGuffin turns out to be quite a troublesome artifact that they can't wait to be rid of, and puts your players in front of some of the best known characters (and villains) of the world at large. Snap up the bundle, read through them, and drop your players in. They scale well to level (we ran through with 6 characters of slightly below the suggested levels, instead of 4 slightly stronger PCs) with only minimal adjustments, and read quite well on their own for those who just want to get ideas. Its been the hook, line and sinker, of one of the most satisfying D&D adventures I've run in over a decade. Cheers!

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Creator Reply:
Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful review! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying our tale!
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The Palace of Pain's Pleasures
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