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Spears of Glip Dak: Four Adventures $14.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by RICHARD H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/10/2020 23:19:33

This bundle is a worthwhile purchase, and I'd like to thank the authors for contributing it to the Australian bushfire appeal in 2020.

So far I have DM'd two of the adventures on Roll20: CCC-GLIP-01-03 Citadel of Vlaakith and CCC-GLIP-02-01 Blue Scales.

I rate both of these adventures very highly. Each of them has a full page art piece which I shared with the players. Both of the adventures are thoroughly and comprehensively written. The structure of the adventures allows the DM to prepare for a range of options that the players may take. The feature of both the adventures is that they offer a range of options for players. This might take a bit of extra reading, so be prepared to read this a few times before running it.

CCC-GLIP-01-03 Citadel of Vlaakith This adventure is a dungeon crawl with a clever concept and theme. The politics of the hobgoblin tribes takes a bit to get used to, and I didn't focus on this during the adventure. The players enjoyed trying to understand how the dungeon works, and the interactive aspect of the dungeon took a while for the players to understand, which is good. They were excited by the initial encounter, and then wary as they ventured further, finally reaching the end of the module with anticipation. The module requires more than 4 hours to complete in full, but in our case, we finished it within the four hours of our session, as the players bypassed several of the rooms. So think about how to manage your time as DM when running the adventure so that your party can complete their mission within the time you have allowed. For Roll20, there was only one map, and when loaded up to scale, is very low res. However, the players didn't mind. I added images to represent the glowing orbs which added some colour.

CCC-GLIP-02-01 Blue Scales This adventure is a monster hunt that is completed by choosing one or more options to pursue. It is popular with some members of our AL group, but this was the first time that I had played or DMd it. The maps provided are neatly drawn which is unusual in AL CCC modules. The only thing that confused me was that the initial area map has north oriented down the page, and it took me a while to work out which way things should go. This is important for the DM to provide continuity between the locations. For example, there is an underground stream which can be reached via two different directions, so its good to establish which way the water is running! During this run, the players visited the hermit's shack, and then went into the underground river. So they bypassed two of the locations, but I still had to prepare the maps for both of those locations, so that is some prep time which didn't benefit the game. The end encounter is dangerous, but I think the players will appreciate the challenge. It's very possible that your party might not win this fight. However, I would much rather have a fight that seems worthwhile compared to a fight that is too easy. In preparation, I would suggest that the DM consider how they want the each encounter to be run, and emphasise those aspects that build the atmosphere for the players. We finished the adventure a little after the four hours allocated for our session.

One minor comment for these adventures: I wish that a basic map of Thar with the main locations of the adventure was provided in this PDF.

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Spears of Glip Dak: Four Adventures
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