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DDAL00-12 Infernal Encounters $6.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Marcello V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/28/2020 20:13:48
I appreciate the effort that went into creating this product. I enjoyed the encounters tables and appreciate that it addresses all The Hells. From the organized play standpoint, opportunities for Dungeon Masters to add these encounters into BG:DiA-based adventures as well as Adventurer's League Community-Created Content. There's a great amount of variety in these encounters; enough to give Dungeon Masters the ability to add their own touches to them. There will be that player that wants the fiend's name... this supplement gives you great tables to drop a few d6 and d20 to whip up that name, and everything else about it. When I say quick, I mean that while I pecked with one hand I rolled the dice to create Ruul the Spined Devil who is silver-tongued and has keen insight into mortal heart's desires... yep it's that quick! The Infernal Machine stunts add a few neat things to Infernal Machine Driving, or as I put it .. " more means to damage your Hell Rides!" LOL! I have not run the adventures yet, but I have read them and the plots seem compelling. I like that it came out legal for organized play out of the box. I am running three BG:DiA games now and while I try to capture the group's transitions to different locations beyond just d4/d8/d10 navigation checks these encounters have helped break up the monotony of caked narrative and meta. Worth every coin ... but if using soul coins, maybe two soul coins and a warm bath at Burney's.

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DDAL00-12 Infernal Encounters
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