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by Michael R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/05/2020 14:57:58

Alright, I have played enought to have some issues, and I'll tell you how to fix them.

Gold: The limits are absurd and punitive. Should I have a MILLION GOLD?!? at level 11? Of course not. But I should absolutly get the gold I find in your modules, if it's too much gold, reduce it on your end. If you want me to get 20gp for my bolt of silk worth 50gp, just make the bolt of silk worth 20gp. Now we don't feel cheated. Telling us we cannot keep the gold we legit found is just insulting. Downtime: I LOVE the downtime system, it's really well done, but the times for things are too long sometimes, and it never feels like we have enough. Let us pay GP for more downtime in addition to lifestyle costs. Lifestyle Costs: Make this actually do something. Say, spend a week at wealthy and get 2 temp HP/level at the start of the mission for the better living, or give a level of exhaustion that doesn't go away if you are homeless. There is no incentive to pay for Lifestyle, as it has no mechanical changes, and the RP changes are rarely even mentioned by the DM (time constraints, you know?) Magic Items: Here is how I do this in my DnD homebrew games: Magic items have a "weight" on your soul, and if you are not strong enough, you have a hard time using them. A tier 1 character could have 1 item, while a tier 2 could have 3 and so on. Previous items are not lost, though. Item gained go in storage, and at the start of the mission you can equip yourself as needed for the quest. This lets people keep cool things (even unoptamised things), and lets the players "keep" what they earned without nessecaraly having them running around with a dragon hord of loot. Utility Magic Items: This is a big one. There needs to be a special "slot" for items like the Handy Haversack or Bag of Holding. Let the players have one or two utility items that dont count towards the total "Active" items. Players might keep a bag of holding and an elemental gem, or a Haversack and Kegotum's Oitment, so on and so forth. That way, we have an allowance for cool RP things, rather than having to prioratize only the "right" things because the limits are so frikin small!

This season has potential, but we need a bit of give and take.

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D&D Adventurers League Player & DM Pack
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