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Castle Ravenloft Battle Maps $10.00
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Matthew C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/30/2020 10:02:43

maybe its just me but this file is missing more rooms than the ones listed in the "read me" section

notably k84 where there is a marked locaton for one of the tresures of ravenloft could be, alomg with about 25 or so other graves that have a lot of cool flavor.

i bought this product because of all the high reviews, but find myself being let down.

Update 1/30/2020

i was contacted by the creator who sceemed helpful, but wants me to change my review. they did mention that the room k84 was omitted fron the printable file because of the size...

miss by an inch, miss by a mile as far as i am concerned.

if i was using this for a vurtual tabletop i would have gone with a cheeper product, but i am using this document to print and create dungon tiles for a tabletop game (which in the discription of the product, and pictures provided indicate that is what this pack is for) , so weather or not the room is too big to fit on a single piece of paper is irrelevent becuae they are getting cut out an pasted togather to make the castle tangable. looks like i an going to have to find a free immage or two off of the internet, and unless this problem is addressed I encourage you to so the same

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Creator Reply:
Hi Matt, I think there must be some confusion here; there are a few rooms omitted (all of which I believe are justifiably so) and/or combined with other rooms as it is detailed in the read me, but area K84 (the Catacombs) is certainly not one of them. It is not included in the printing PDF due to the sheer size of the room, but you should be able to find files for it in the 'Full Res', 'Complete Floors', 'VTT' folders, etc. If you've downloaded those and the file for K84 isn't somehow showing up please let me know and I'll send it along to you personally. If there are other rooms missing that are not explained in the read me please let me know, otherwise if you do end up finding K84 I'd appreciate it if you updated your rating accordingly.
Update 1/30/20

Hi Matt,

I apologize as I must be misunderstanding your problem somehow or I would be able to be more helpful. The 'Read Me' PDF does outline any rooms that may appear to be missing as well as advise on printing procedures, including for the Catacombs as that appears to be your focus here. The printable PDFs include all but only the very largest rooms in the castle (Chapel + Catacombs) because they're broken up to be printed along U.S. paper sized sections for most home printers. From my experience and testing this does not work especially well or smoothly with a room the size of the catacombs, which is why it was omitted from those particular PDFs.

That all being said, the file(s) for the Catacombs are still very much available within the product and are quite easy to print as they are. I'd recommend printing them larger format through a local printer for a single, continuous 'room', but can still be printed out in chunks from home; just make sure either way you print any files not in the Printing PDFs at 200% size for a 1 inch grid scale. You can follow along with this guide I've made previously for printing a large file in usable chunks:

My request for you to revisit your rating was only if my response had cleared up any confusion you were having and therefore positively impacted your experience with the product, nothing more. If you continue to have any issues with the file(s) please let me know and I'll continue to try to be of some assistance.
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Castle Ravenloft Battle Maps
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