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EB-02 Voice in the Machine $4.99 $4.49
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Matthew P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/18/2020 05:56:13

THe second in the Embers of War Organised play campaign, this scenario attempts to use a still tenous connection to an npc that the characters have possibly interacted with (due to some clever background on the fly work or some random rolls). I think this connection could be better built up first before being activated so quickly into the relationship. That aside, the premise of the scenario is that the characters are asked to rescue the Grey Dogs, a salvage team lead by this npc from a location deep into the Mournlands known as the Fireweave Bazaar.

THe trip of 80 miles! is made via a seriels of ability checks in which the party will suffer some mostly good effects from being in the Mournlands (personally I felt the table a little too much in the pcs favor).

The Fireweave Bazaar itself could be considered a small dungeon. It has some interesting locations (The Hall of Illusions was a standout for me) and I think so far is the best example of the magic as technology feel of Eberron. The salvage team itself consists of a variety of others . One is found fairly early on dead with an interesting combat encounter with a Rug of Smothering.

As the party progresses ,the party can meet some interesting characters. However I didnt feel like there was much there for the party to interact with. A PseudoDragon runs a lantern shop, and could be an interesting character but needs more fleshing out. The party can stumble upon a maintenance closet and a possible fight with some Animated Brooms.

In a later part of the dungeon, there is an encounter with a Warforged who is siding with the Lord of Blades. Perceptive parties can fairly easily stop him from informing his cohorts about these new Adventures. In the final areas of the Dungeon, there is standoff between the remaining Scavengers and Warforged Raiders (who fastly outnumber the scavenger.s.. which made me wonder why there was a standoff)

In a nice scene, a Warforged transport breaks through a wall and deposits even more troops.. much more.

Then we get a slightly jarring floors falls out from beneath the players and the introduction of the Oracle of War a magical device designed to analyse combat situations and suggesting ways of defeating them. This was an interesting premise, but one I dont think my players fully comprehended. Lots of trial and error.

Time was getting away from me, so my party used the hole in the wall made by the entering transport to escape without really tangling with the enemy forces.

Personally, I think thats how many groups will go as the forces arrayed against the party are fairly immense.

In all, Id recommend this scenario but I'd be prepared for the players to um and arr about actually siding with the Scavengers. I think it was waaay too early in the adventure process to use the 'friend you just met last adventure to go missing story' but it is what it is. While there are some social encounters, so far in both scenarios Ive found the Social aspect a bit lacking in respect to the combat aspects.

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EB-02 Voice in the Machine
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