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Eldark Crypt Pay What You Want
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Terry L. M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/31/2019 10:40:29

Probably the most difficult foes my party has come up against yet! This is a challenging little one-shot that wound up taking three 6-hour sessions to complete. (Once my friends found one treasure, they needed to scour for EVERYthing.) Very nearly managed to kill two of my party, helping them kick off some much-wanted character growth and wary attitudes. Did, however exacerbat their morally questionable grave-robbing tendencies...

This adventure fits well as an aside to any urban layover or noble's crypt outside of a mid-sized town. Prepare ahead of time and expect the adventure to take longer than predicted (at least 4-5 hours.)

I found the blocks of text are quite dense and easy to miss important details when you're mid-game. If the adventure can be updated, I'd ask for better visual hierarchy of information and some more in-game cues to help players recognize they can grill the NPC monsters for more information.

For visual hierarchy: More attention to line breaks, headers, bullet point spacing, paragraph spacing, and in-set boxes for 'read aloud' text would be great! -A block at the end re-iterating rewards both XP and items would also help. -Can the various vampire spawn be given their own stat blocks and moved to an appendix to help the in-game exploration and social aspects flow better?

Thanks for putting this together!

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Eldark Crypt
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