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Eberronicon: A Pocket Guide to the World $12.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Cameron D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/17/2019 16:16:22

This review begins with a story - the scene opens with a young 13 year old who had just spent the whole day at school being bullied ruthlessly for his weight and his hobbies, how he looked, and how vocal he was about what he thought. He had finally gotten home and finished his chores, and was sitting in his room crying. But then, he remembered something - he had gotten a new D&D book on interlibrary loan that weekend and hadn't dived into it yet. So he walked over to his desk and picked it up - a beautiful but scrappy looking woman with blonde hair and goggles on her head standing in front of a titantic sword wielding robot dressed in armor looking up at him from the cover. He opened it, and never looked back.

Eberron is what kept me sane through middle and high school. Eberron was the world I could go to whenever I was feeling suicidal, depressed, isolated, or alone. Eberron was mine, and no one could take that from me, not even my bullies. Eberron was my home, and the reason that D&D became such a core part of my life. It kept me alive, literally and figuratively. What the Across Eberron team has done in this book is transport me back to those days as a sullen and abused teen when I could have some moment of light in my life: from reading of the Last War, to the Mourning, to the wonders of Sharn, and the majesty of the warforged.

This book brings me back to my fever-dream pace to try and find all the Eberron books I could so I could read them and absorb them and learn more about the world I love so much. This book deserves a hardcover, and I would more than gladly set it right next to all of my 3.5 Eberron hardcovers I have begun to collect. It is made with a care to detail, a passion for the writing, and a steady layout that makes it more professional than 90% of what Wizards pumps out each year. And it is because of all that that it earns the Comics, Clerics, & Controllers Golden d20 Badge.

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Eberronicon: A Pocket Guide to the World
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