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DDAL09-02 Stopped at the Gate $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Glenn H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/15/2019 23:37:02

I DM'd this at a weekly public event. Finished all 4 parts in 3.5 hours. Fun but realize the format, with no box text (just quote boxes) forced me to do a lot of prepration because I'm not good at improvisation. I typed 2.5 pages of notes.

Here is my advice to DMs running this:

--Show the characters the picture of Baldurs Gate from pages 14-15 of the DiA hardcover, if you have it. Point out Basilisk Gate, where much of the action happens.

--Provide hand-out 2 and try to get the players interested in the refugees, because they come up again in DDAL9-04.

--Don't skip Bonus Objective A because it is the only fight. Cultists all got surprise becasue they were mixed in with the crowd and critted with Ferocious Surge--that scared my players. I described Grant Yoreling as a blond frat-boy yelling from a roof-top 60' away. He still hit hard, with Spiritual Weapon and Hold Person, but he was so aggravating that that the chase didn't get very far before they brought him down. Consider this a fight with an optional chase.

--I introduced Dovis Tolbergate at the scene of the murder, but he was so emotional about his friend he doesn't help much except to translate and introduce the party to the widow.

--I played Bolnata as immature but genuinely grieving--remember half-elves age slowly. I described her dress in detail several times but the party never picked up on the clue, and this is a big BIG hole in the plot. Think about how you will get them to the tailor shop if they don't figure it out. I had to shove them onto the ol' railroad.

--Everything else went well, including the trial. I had no note takers that night so there was a lot of "Then that one guy said...what did he say?" so I went full-auto Judge Judy on them skipping player to player intentionally misinterpreting their testimony until the turnip-seller testified, and then they got off. I didn't count sucesses or failures, but it was fun.

BL: If you want an imp familiar, EARN it by over-prepping this adventure. Mine will be named Bezos and I'm sure it will screw me over at every opportunity.

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DDAL09-02 Stopped at the Gate
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