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Heroes of the Mists
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Dennis P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/26/2019 20:31:24

This is a great product. If you want to run a full blown Ravenloft campaign using the new 5th Edition Rules, this is a must have. The author knows the campaign setting and has created some great mechanics to help make the transition to this new edition. I thought the races were well thought out and even though I won't use the Gargoyle, it is a great variant to using Dragonborn. Obviously with limited space, the author couldn't detail every little bit of information, but I have to say that this is almost a complete campaign setting. Being an old-school Ravenloft DM from 2nd Edition days, I have all the old material and with "Heroes of the Mists," converting all my classic stuff is a breeze. I really liked the "Dark Shadows." It's a great way to use the inspiration mechanic. I was trying to make some of the 2nd Edition character kits into backgrounds, but here I see its easier to convert them into feats or the "Dark Shadows" (which are basically dark gifts/boons that come with a curse/bane. So if you're looking to run Ravneloft for 5e, you can't go wrong with this supplement.

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Heroes of the Mists
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