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Off to a Weird Start $1.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Kat G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/25/2019 10:00:26

I'm a new DM, and this was the very first game I ran! My background: about 2 years playing 5e as a player in a non-Ravnica setting, and about 20 years Magic: the Gathering experience. I was over the moon when I discovered that Ravnica had been introduced as a DnD setting, because Ravnica already feels like home to me. It was a natural starting point for me as a DM. I gathered 5 friends and we sat down to play "Off to a Weird Start" a couple evenings ago. It was a huge hit, and went even better than I expected. Everyone wants to play again, so I'll be getting the rest of the Triskelion adventures. My players' backgrounds: 2 are fans of M:tG/Ravnica; 2 have played a lot of DnD, but not in Ravnica; 2 have played 1-2 times before; 1 was brand new. So mostly newbies of some sort or another. I'm just pointing this out to accentuate that this adventure was a good one for both a new DM and new players. Just for fun, my party of adventurers has a pretty uhhh... unconventional mix of Guilds: Gruul, Boros, Rakdos, a Dimir masquerading as an Orzhov, and another Dimir. The dynamic is already quite entertaining!!

A few things about the adventure itself: The provided Guild hooks were great! I adapted one of them to each of my 5 players, so that everyone felt invested immediately. The players liked the multi-level laboratory setting, and were genuinely intrigued and wanted to see how far down this lab went. Every time they descended another level, they would exclaim when they discovered even more stairs leading further down. So kudos to the adventure/map designers, they liked it a lot! My party had trouble with the ring puzzle. The given hints were not enough to get them going, so I had to improvise & give them some more help, but they still didn't unlock its secret. This may have had something to do with all the beer... ;) but just noting it anyway. The Gruul minotaur wound up smashing through the door with his warhammer. All's well that ends well. One thing I wish I had added were maybe 1-2 small trinkets for them to find within the lab, probably in Area 2 or 5. Several of my players really liked investigating every corner of every space, and it would have been nice for them to find more than screws and empty boxes. I'll have to keep that in mind for future adventures (without letting it get out of hand.)

Can't wait to start prepping the next chapter of this adventure!

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Creator Reply:
Thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed review! I look forward to your thoughts on the next installment!

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Off to a Weird Start
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