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Uncaged | Volume I $14.95 $11.21
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Daniel H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/18/2019 22:19:20

Similar to any anthology movie, this is a mixed bag - many of the quests are written extremely linearly, with no alternatives if the characters choose another option (e.g. there's a fun dryad quest where confronting the dryad violently leads to "that was the wrong choice, chase them out of there with fire!") and I definitely wouldn't recommend running this with your players knowing you have it, because after that point the twists (females=good, males=bad) are pretty easy to spot. I'd compare it to Daria, a great show that maybe erred a bit too far on the gender divide. Of the tier 1 and 2 adventures I've read through for my party, Lai of the Sea Hag, The Banshee's Tail, The Demon's Heart, and A Family Reunion seem good, and I plan to weave them into my campaign when I can, but this isn't a book you could use consistently, given the predictability of its twists.

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Uncaged | Volume I
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