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Monster Manual Expanded II (5E) $19.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Aran M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/05/2019 07:47:01

A godsend for already overtaxed DMs!

As with a lot of the best third party content on the DMs Guild, this is a superb supplement (and extension) to an official product, filling a niche and building upon existing content with new features and options that are currently absent from previously published sources.

Following the exceptional precedent established by the first volume in this series of supplements, this is an essential resource for surprising and challenging both new and experienced players with variant versions of the creatures found in the official D&D bestiaries and modules, to provide both greater and lesser challenges (should you require them). For example, if you need a weaker but still taxing variant of a particular big bad (such as an archfiend, or dragon) to fit into a mid-level encounter that won't cause a TPK? Then this book is for you!

It's especially useful if, like me, you play with a group of veteran players, who are also DMs and game industry creatives, adding to your arsenal and range of options (without replacing or taking away from the official sources, or your own inventions and/or adaptations). This book will help nip any metagaming in the bud, before overly-savvy players can even begin to second guess you, and it'll keep them on their toes, providing familiar nasties with an inventive range of new and variant features and abilities. There's also an appendix containing a diverse array of new and interesting NPCs for you to utilise for additional shocks and extra value.

Again, as with the first volume, this is very well conceived and equally well executed. It is well written and concise, with a good sense of mechanical balance and economy; pleasant and restrained visual design, for ease of use and understanding; and features plenty of well chosen, quality examples of artwork throughout, including a lot of new and original pieces. These elements all combine and compliment each other to deliver an engrossing reading experience and a very useful gameplay resource.

Highly recommended!

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Monster Manual Expanded II (5E)
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