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Adaptable NPCs: Calamity $9.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Cameron D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/30/2019 16:31:13

Brought to you by the team behind Greasemonkey's - Adaptable NPCs: Calamity keeps the solid magitech theme rolling with 41 awesome new NPCs crammed into 66 action packed pages. The Weaponsmith, The Guardian of the Barrens, and The Primordial Demon really stand out to me as my favorites - and that is hard amongst the other 38 because they are all so much fun. But I think one of the greatest additions to this book is something very small - and that is the addition of the bleeding mechanic from the Machina Daemonicum. I really wish more books and more combat truly looked like and had mechanics that allowed for players to feel the true idea of how brutal combat can be - and the new bleed mechanic in this book really shows just how dangeorus it all is. Fully meant to be a companion to Greasemonkey's, this book is an excellent addition to the magitech annuls that is growing on the Guild, and has everything someone needs to kick of a fantasy sci-fi D&D game.

Comics, Clerics, & Controllers d20 Roll: Nat 20

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Adaptable NPCs: Calamity
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