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Taverns, Inns, and Taprooms: In Hell $7.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Justin M. C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/24/2019 22:57:36

I love, love, love the interesting locations and the uniqueness put forth in this module. These areas are incredibly detailed and provide wonderful quests to add to DIA or really any adventure that happens through Avernus. I give it a 5 star, but I really rate it at 4.5 stars. Since there is not a selection for that, I decided I would err towrds the positive here. For a book that put so much thought into every dish and menu and employee of the locations, I felt that the same care was not given to the stat blocks. I fully admit that I am incredibly picky when it comes to stat blocks (even so much as having issues with a few of WotC's creature blocks), but I appreciate the attention to detail even more. This was not just minor editing mistakes (although there were quite a few). I just wanted to say, thouh, that even though I have problems with the stat blocks, they are easily fixable and I still feel that the flavor of the encounters are intact. Sorry for the long-windedness of my ONE gripe!

To be fair, this product is an absolute joy to read and I cannot wait to introduce a hellish party to any of these!

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Taverns, Inns, and Taprooms: In Hell
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