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Happy Jack's Funhouse $5.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by David P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/23/2019 16:01:17

It was a fun adventure to run. I like the fact that it was a circusy type of dungeon. I picked it because one of my players was a circus performer in his backstory, and I modified it for my campaign. The dungeon itself took about three hours. The players ended up bargaining with Jack showing the note they found from the Hag saying her plan is working and she's twisting her mind. It also helped they metioned his real name. Jack said he'd turn himself in the looney bin if they all found the hag and helped him kill her, which they did but I made it a hard encounter even with Jack's help. They also cut of Jacks arms before throwing him in the looney bin just in case he escapes. I also added a Harley Quinn encounter before Jack because why not. I made the "adults" roaming the dungeon have some of the playful personalities of kids so they would often annoy the players. Lucy was throwing flour in their face (blindness), Briggs was trying to "catch" a meal for Lucy (piercing damage). The chainsaws I modified into clowns with chainsaws because it's much creepier and they just cut the bridge when some of the players were trying to leave. I made it so the players had to keep the adults alive to combine back with the kids. This adventure gave me a lot to work with and build off of. My players like the note in the first room foreshadowing all the adults.

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Happy Jack's Funhouse
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