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Grumbar's Tooth - Underdark Locale $1.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Seth B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/23/2019 14:35:26

Grumbar's Tooth is a brief, 6 page write-up of an underdark city that can be dropped into any campaign with an underground locale. Although the content bills itself as an interactive settlement and adventure, there is no actual narrative or plot that one would expect from an adventure; it is merely a series of suggested encounters without monster stats and some flavor text that the DM can read to players. In short, the product starts with an interesting idea, but fails to develop it into a satisfying product.


  • The look and structure of the city is a relatively novel idea.
  • The suggested economics of the city are simple to implement and provide a fun dynamic for roleplay among a financially strapped party.


  • despite the novel setting, the suggested encounters are fairly plain and unimaginative. For example, there are no suggestions for using the features and terrain of the city in these encounters.
  • while many different 5e monsters are referenced, no source is provided (leaving the reader to find it on their own). For the most part these creatures are in the Open Gaming License.
  • There is at least one reference to a monster / combat encounter that does not appear in any source books I'm familiar with or that could be discerned from an online search, making it useless to the reader.
  • Absolutely no attention has been paid to balancing the encounters or rewards. This includes the presence of a very rare magic item with effects reminiscent of a Deck of Many Things.
  • The lack of formatting and tables make the product unwieldy to use in an actual play setting.


  • no pictures or tables are included, just simple text.
  • the watermarked background image on each page is districting and does not add anything to the product.
  • a few typographical and grammatical errors detract from its readability.

Financial Considerations:

What I paid: $1.99

What I think it is worth: $0 - Does not meet the quality of content that can be found in online forums for free.

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Grumbar's Tooth - Underdark Locale
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