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AE01-07 The Silvered Edge of Twilight by Ed Chivers & Will Brolley $4.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by David A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/23/2019 18:29:35

The Silvered Edge of Twilight is a memorable journey to a city torn by civil strife with a calculating and intelligent villain. The adventure would work great as a sidequest in any Eberron campaign that visits Thaliost, or really any city! It's very modular in that respect.

It starts off with a straightforward crime investigation: the thing you were supposed to get has been stolen! There's multiple paths right off the bat for how you want to investigate the body, and the openness just starts there! A tour guide shows up and the options multiply as the players are tasked with racing across the city to gather clues. Unfortunately a lot of the locations are very underdeveloped, and their tasks at each are extremely limited. I wish these locations, and their objectives, were more fleshed out.

While they're investigating, the tension in the city turns up to 11 and riots break out. I really like how there's possible encounters after every stop. It makes it feel like things are really happening in the city. For my group though, we sadly rolled the same encounter twice! That's no fun, so I didn't run it again. I think it would have been better if there were just a set of encounters that automatically trigger after the first stop, second stop, etc. Before the party can finish their fact-finding, they're ambushed down an alleyway. It's a great encounter that locks the party in with intelligent enemies. The only problem is their tour guide has no stats listed! I wasn't really sure what to do with him.

After reporting back their results, the party is sent to retrieve the stolen item that's on its way to its evil destination aboard the lightning rail. But just before they can board, a huge mob is rioting near the platform! It's a great scene to visualize, but the stats given for the mob are a swarm of people and it just doesn't work. The fight for me was terrible and one of the worst combats I've run. When you run it, just swap out the Swarm for a handful of individual rioters with molotovs. Then you get the great visuals of the riot without the bad mechanics.

After sleeping on the train, the party rises early to get breakfast in the dining car. There's some other early risers they can question to see if one of them is the villain. Each of them are interesting, fleshed out characters, but the adventure lacks any real benefit to talk to them. I think there is a typo in the scene too because after the party talks to a few people, lunch is served. So have they been in the car all day, or did it mean to say breakfast is served?

While they're chatting up the other passengers, some of the baddies are on the lookout. The scenario has you roll every time the party talks to someone which I think is a great mechanic for seeing if the enemy gets wise to them! After they poke their noses in enough people's businesses, there's a cutscene where the villain and her accomplices escape to the roof. I hate cutscenes.

After dispatching the minions, the party arrives in Delethorn where there's a handful of locations, but no reason to visit any. Perhaps that's for the best because the locations are even less fleshed out than those in Thaliost. Still it would be easy enough to have Brunstan Fisher tell the party they have to get the map from the local druidic shrine which would give them a reason to explore at least one place.

Once they're on their way out of town they have two different routes they can take, but there's no benefit or harm in their choice – just two different encounters they could have. But they're awesome encounters! Great choice of enemy, and daunting terrain features the party has to deal with. I liked the encounters so much I ran them both! It's a lot of combat back to back though, so read your table before repeating what I did!

After a night's rest it's on to the final boss, and what a final boss! The encounter is awesome and memorable with lots of great twists and unique additions to the combat that is exactly everything I want from a great fight in the world of Eberron! Even if you include nothing else in your campaign from this adventure, you'll use this fight! One tweak I'd make is give her one of her minions at the beginning of round 1. She needs a minion ASAP and if the party is too quick on the draw she might be in big trouble otherwise.

The adventure has its ups and downs, but a lot more up than down. The locations in the cities aren't fleshed out and the rioting mob fight is a mess. But the other encounters are top-notch and the adventure has a lot of creative and unique mechanics to keep the players on their toes. Not to mention the unforgettable final fight! I'd recommend the adventure as part of the campaign or as a sidequest in any Eberron campaign. It's very modular and a lot of fun.

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AE01-07 The Silvered Edge of Twilight by Ed Chivers & Will Brolley
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