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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by adam s. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/05/2019 11:04:30

This was so much fun. I had never DM'd myself, but our regular DM wanted to play for a bit, so I ran this for our group as a 2 shot. The adventure includes everything you need, and gives really good instructions on how to scale difficulty to your group. A solid balance of combat and rollplay. In the second half of this adventure you pop into the Shadowfell for what can be a very personalized story for your players. I suggest using it to the fullest.

Our group has been playing for a few months but rollplaying has always been a struggle because no one really connected to their backstories in a personal way. This adventure really plays off of each players traits, bonds and flaws. Making them act on them, or lose/change them. If you choose to take advantage of it, this story has a moment where a creative DM can give every player a very personal moment to confront their past, ground them in who they really are and want to be.
Normally after a game sesson everyone in my group would leave their character sheets on the table, and the DM would collect them. After I finnished Riddle of the Raven Queen, everyone in my group immediatly clutched their character sheets tight, and took them home. Now their characters are so much more alive for them. At the end, our Cleric abandoned his diety and pledged himself to the Raven Queen.

thanks you for the work you put into writing it!!

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Riddle of the Raven Queen
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