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Encounters in the Jungles of Chult $3.99 $2.39
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Paul D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/03/2019 09:39:06

Since AL at the time required monsters to defeat to get XP, and treasure lines to get gold, I was finding that my group wasn't leveling much or making much cash in Chult. So I got this to give some extra flavor and help. There are 10 miniscenarios, but I ended up only using 3, mainly because my group was all Tier 1 for most of the journeys through the jungle, and many of the encounters would have killed my group.

The 3 i used were interesting and flavorfull of Chult. My read of many of the others is they didn't really seem thematically tied well to the Chult revealed in the plot of TOA.

One example to me is the Pyramid of the Moon. While I appreciate that this is based on a bit of Realms lore that's actually located in Chult, it still seems very out of place thematically. This isn't helped by the (trite, to me) theming of the scenario around the lyrics to Hotel California.

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Encounters in the Jungles of Chult
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