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AE01-08 March of Madness by Andrew Bishkinskyi $4.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Oliver P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/20/2019 22:11:34


I ran this session two times, once at my home table and once online on a twitch streaming channel. Overall, I had a really great time with this adventure, and the players each expressed having a ton of fun. This adventure is a part of an overall series, so if you're looking for some campaign fodder, you could pick up the Across Eberron series. (Personally, I ran it as a one shot and just hand-waved the series connection for the players.)


  • this is a rare adventure to the Shadow Marshes, and the adventure is full of background info on Xoriat, the Gatekeepers, etc. It was really nice to get outside the typical Five Nations territory.
  • madness! There are some adjustments to the DMG madness rules, which fit thematically into the session. The boss throws a very high madness check at the start of the fight, which makes for an interesting encounter.
  • speaking of...the boss fight in this module is intense and it was a ton of fun for the players. There is a catch to the boss that allows the players to think outside the box in their fight, though we almost had a party wipe here.
  • interesting NPCs with great chances for role play, if that's your party's bent.
  • a solid, fairly small and self-contained dungeon, perfect for a 3-4 hour session.


  • there are a few fluff fights in here that can stretch the session out some. I enjoyed them, but I swapped some stuff around and dropped an enounter on the fly to keep the party moving.
  • the boss is brutal so you need to be preparred to logically not kill everyone. Given the conceit, you can have the boss get confused and take non-optimal choices under the guise of narrative. Just be warned if you are a "let the dice fall where they may" kind of DM or roll in the open.
  • the map is a little lacking for VTT, but it is functional. I remade it (more or less) using 2minutetabletop assets and it worked well.

I had a lot of fun with this session, and if I'm being honest, more fun than I imagined. I would strongly recommend picking this up, even if you just want a nice primer on Xoriat and the Gatekeepers with some tasty aberrent monster stat blocks. If your party is in need of some "fresh" air and needs an excuse to go dungeon diving, this is the perfect one-to-two session jaunt. Pick it up!

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AE01-08 March of Madness by Andrew Bishkinskyi
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